10 Questions

In case you’re considering taking a bit more control over your money here are a few questions to ask yourself before you get started

  1. Does your investment plan help you accomplish your financial objectives?  

  2. Is your investment plan in line with your personal risk/return profile (If you don’t have an investment plan, we should talk)

  3. Is your decision to make an investment based on emotion, a “hot” tip, or is it evidenced-based?

  4. Do you require the funds you’re investing for a purchase like a downpayment on a condo or school tuition, within the next 12-24 months?

  5. Do you understand the risks and potential returns of that investment?

  6. Do you have a strategy to help you deal with market volatility? Including a potential crash of 25% or more?

  7. Do you understand the embedded fees you’ll pay for your investment?

  8. Do you know if the person selling you that investment product is a fiduciary and how they are compensated?

  9. Are you cool to ignore casual recommendations from friends and family, financial media?

  10. Are you willing to eliminate any way of checking your portfolio or making any trades from your mobile phone?

Whether you invest in mutual funds, go with a robo-advisor or want to manage your own investments, keeping the above considerations in mind will keep you on track, no matter what you decide is right for you.