Grown** men don't ask

For investment advice, grown men don’t ask for for help,

at all.

The young*** ones do,

but not the grown ones. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 5.09.29 AM.png

BTW, this is my data set only and I’m fully aware this doesn’t necessarily extend to the entire world,

but maybe it does.

Some additional observations:

  • Of the people who inquired about my services and not gone ahead with an engagement or have started an engagement and not completed it, 100% are dudes.

  • With couples, there is often one person who takes a lead role and that breakdown is fairly balanced. Men leading 25% of the time, women leading 25% of the time and in the rest of the engagements, the couple seems to share investing responsibilities, equally.

  • Behavioural Finance biases play a role with everyone but more easily observable in dudes

  • I seldom tune into the type of show where callers ask about stock x and then “hang up and listen to your response”, but in my mind, I think I hear a male voice asking? Which wouldn’t fit with my data set. Then again, surely the show producers are filtering who actually gets on air? Or maybe my cable observation are out of date since I only watch when I’m at my parents house (they’re both, 74).

It still feels like a mismatch. The investing landscape is still dominated by men (grown ones) but men (grown ones) don’t ask for advice?

** grown = Gen-X and the more seasoned

*** young = Gen-Y and the less mature