We start every client relationship by getting to know each other.  Really, actually, getting to know each other. 

We believe in real talk and we know that your financial security and certainty needs to come from a place of trust and understanding.

Every relationship we have is customized to who you are and what you really need so call us and lets get to know each other. 





Investment PLANNING



Am I paying too much in fees? Is my advisor doing what is best for me? Can I get comparable returns with Socially Responsible Investments?

If you’re looking for a second opinion on the suitability of your current investments, or simply not sure what you're invested in or your alternative options, we will detail it for you with full transparency.

The Portfolio Second Opinion determines if your current investments are properly structured and provides full details of the fees you may not be aware of.

Often, advisor fees are embedded in investment products and most people don’t realize they are paying thousands of dollars each year.  Compounded over your investing future, these fees can significantly reduce your net worth by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Find out what you’re actually paying and consider what it’s really costing you.

Am I investing in the right things? Am I investing the right amount? Where do I put my money?

Our independent investment planning will help you answer your nagging investing questions in a manner that is tailored specifically to you and your unique life goals. Taking into account your short and long term financial objectives, we will review and rebuild your investments to ensure they are aligned to deliver your objectives. We’ll spend time making sure you understand all of your investment options in plain english and give you the confidence to make the right decisions.

Because we do not sell any financial products or receive any compensation for recommending investments like advisors at banks and other groups, we offer a completely independent opinion and guarantee investment solutions that are right for you.  




Ready to take control of your investments and reduce your fees?  You don't have to do it Yourself.  We'll do it Together. 

The DIT (Do-it-Together) Investing Solution is a custom program for investors who want to take control of their finances and significantly reduce the fees they pay.

The prospect of investing outside of a traditional brokerage may seem intimidating but you'll be surprised how easy it really is - especially with us by your side. We’ll help you implement your investments from the practical basics of how to chose an online brokerage and setting up your online account to making transactions and rebalancing. You’ll be armed with all the tools to feel confident in investing for yourself and saving yourself thousands of dollars in compounded fees.  

Most importantly, you'll have a real live person- a certified and experienced professional coaching you along the way.