There is no free lunch.

In the world of finance,  saying "there is no free lunch" is a nod to renowned economist Henry Markowitzs' Modern Portfolio Theory.  It’s a simple principle of risk and reward. He believes that when investing, your reward is always going to correspond to your risk. Easy enough, right?

Yet we're bombarded with the advertising, the urban legend, the friend of a friend, the investing 'guru' and the locker room talk of a 30% return.   

These stories aren't all fabricated, but it is the untold side of those stories that we believe really matter when it comes to investing. 

Not only the exposure and risk that accompanies high returns but what about the COST of those returns? Nobody talks about the exorbitant fees embedded in many high risk products. Or the additional fees charged by your advisor (even in times of poor performance). Or the kick backs an advisor and their institution receives for selling you those particular products.

The financial industry is built on "free lunches". What they call free advice is really a sales pitch. What they call financial planning is really product targeting.

After a decade in the financial industry we've attended far too many 'free lunches' and we've seen far too many people sold a one-sided story.

Investing is a great way to make your money work for you, and trust us -  there is plenty of money to be made. But you should know that it's never free.   

You should know what your investments cost and most importantly you should know that there are better ways to invest and keep more of your own money. 

By helping my clients increase their personal financial know-how and see all sides of their options, I work in their best interest (and only theirs) so that they know exactly what is in their lunch and when they're ready - how to make their own lunch.  

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